August 21, 2010

She's 2 Already!?

I cannot believe our baby girl is already two! She's probably one of the funniest little people we have ever been around, and she is a blast! Happy 2nd Birthday LuLu girl, we love you!

First Day Of First Grade

He's Too Big!

This Is As Good As It Gets With Three Kids!

Jett started to school last week, and for some reason Jett going to first grade was much harder on me than him going to kindergarten! He was so excited, and really seems to enjoy it, (let's hope it lasts!)


It's been forever, and I apologize! I will be updating lots of random favorite pics from the summer soon, so just HANG ON! : )

May 14, 2010


Being born in raised in Indiana you don't think twice about the month of May, it just oozes racing. You can't escape racing The Indy 500 is every where, including Kindergarten. Today was the KINDY 500 at Jett's school and it was way too cute. Every child in the classes got to go twice on the big wheels, and whoever finished first won, well Jett's class won! It was a lot of fun and we had a blast cheering on the class!

Cuteset Baseball Player EVER!

Check out that swing
Pitcher's Helper
So, we officially have the cutest baseball player in the WORLD! This is Jett's first year to play baseball, and I thought he would be bored within the first 10 minutes, but I was wrong! He LOVES baseball! He actually is pretty good, they get 4 pitches and if they don't hit the ball after the 4th pitch they get the tee, well he has only hit off of the tee once! YEAH JETT! We are very proud of our little man!

April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful, Easter this year. Not only was the weather gorgeous but we just had a busy, yet fun day. We started off this morning with an egg hunt, then off to church, another egg hunt, lunch, another egg hunt, nap, than relaxing. It was great.

Jett's 6th Birthday in CHICAGO!

We decided to take Jett on a special little 6th birthday trip, and since Chicago is so close and it is Ryan and I's favorite place to go, well that's where we headed! It was wonderful, we were able to hang at the Navy Pier, took a boat ride, did some shopping, lots of eating, and lots and LOTS of walking. We had a blast celebrating our little man's birthday!